THE SOURCE for all your thin film needs since 1988

THINFILMS, Inc. is uniquely qualified to be THE SOURCE for all of your thin film needs. Our core business continues to be sputter coating services, while electron beam evaporation, ion milling, photo-lithography and thin film fabrication/component manufacturing services are also offered.

For more than 30 years customers have depended on the quality and consistency of our services.

Awards have been received for “Outstanding Supplier performance” and “Dedicated Support Commitment” from our top customers.

We have serviced over 500 companies in the Medical, Defense, Hybrid Microwave, Optical, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Sensor, Display, Tooling and related industries.

We are located in the Hillsborough Business Center; 12 miles North of Princeton New Jersey.

Sputtered Coatings

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Circuit Fabrication

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