Our Facility

Thinfilms, Inc. maintains 16 Sputtering Systems and 4 Evaporation Systems. Our installed sputtering equipment includes 10 multi-target vacuum deposition systems in addition to a Leybold Z600 system. Also setup are an Iso-Flux hollow cathode sputtering system for hard dielectric coatings or evaporated coatings on 3D parts (such as tools) and a custom tumbling system for coatings on ball bearings or small ceramic cylinders all around.

Evaporation equipment includes 3 Temescal electron beam/resistance evaporators. RIE and ion milling systems are also installed. RIE and ion milling systems are also installed. A soft wall yellow clean room utilized for circuit fabrication is set up with contact printers, resist spinners, and other equipment.

The support analytical test and measurement equipment includes an Ambios KLA Tencor profilometer with NBS standards for film thickness measurements, 4 point probe for sheet resistance, Rudolf ellipsometer, Veeco XRF system, adhesion and abrasion testers and a PE spectrometer for transmission and reflection measurements from 190 to 2500 nm.

Additional space for new administrative offices and a clean room for thin film circuit manufacturing are being planned. THINFILMSinc.com has you covered on any and all thin film services you require!